Adaptive Skills Training

Adaptive Skills Training

TOTAL’s Adaptive Skills Training is an intensive 1:1 program to help people of all ages and disabilities develop the key skills necessary for living and interacting successfully with others. If appropriate, the program will also incorporate community skills training which helps the individual navigate successfully out in the community.

TOTAL’s AST training is available to children as young as three years old. To determine whether someone is suitable for the AST program, TOTAL staff will look at such things as age, cognitive ability, medical needs, mobility, behavioral issues, etc.  To support a successful outcome, parents and caregivers must be involved in this training.

The program focuses on development of functional living skills as well as the following:

  • purchasing and monetary (banking) skills
  • communication in the community (oral or adapted)
  • self-advocacy
  • using public transportation
  • attending community events
  • safety awareness
  • independent living skills
  • participating in leisure and recreational skills

TOTAL Programs is vendorized to provide services through the North Los Angeles County Regional Center for Adaptive Skills Training.  Clients that are served within this region may qualify once the client’s individual personal plan (IPP) IPP team determines that training would be beneficial.